GDPR Breakfast Briefing: Get the facts not the fiction!

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We are delighted to confirm the details for our next Director’s Breakfast Briefing, held at our offices here in Bridgnorth on Tuesday 13 February 2018 (start time 8am for breakfast, finishing at 9.30am), on the subject of GDPR.

Most business owners will know that on 25 May 2018, data protection law changes with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations.

What has struck us is the volume of sales emails offering the definitive guide to all things GDPR. In short, many of these courses etc (and we have been on some of them!) simply provide the basics, and give no practical advice to assist the busy business owner with updating their existing practices, and prepare to comply with the new regime. Instead they focus on scare stories of big fines issued to companies who have breached the existing legislation in a major way. Most clients and contacts we know won’t come near to suffering the level of penalties for non-compliance that the sales material for these courses headline on!

What we aim to do at the briefing is to reinforce the current guidance on the application of the new rules, and then open the meeting to the attendees to discuss their concerns and queries, giving practical help which can be implanted and applied quickly.

We will cover the issues involving:

• your existing data,
• sales and marketing communications,
• contracts with customers/suppliers,
• what you need on your website for e-commerce transactions, and
• what you must do for employee data.

Spaces are limited, but we will run a repeat session if demand exists. If you’d like to book a seat, please email Meg Andrews ( or call Rob Andrews or  Anna Bunning on 01746 769 700.

Rob Andrews – Director

Rob Andrews – Solicitor and Director

Anna Bunning – Consultant Solicitor