Warning to Shropshire Land Owners – Protect Your Property!

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Historically, all land in England and Wales was unregistered. Solicitors would transfer property from one owner to the other by amending and creating deeds by hand. Land owners retained a bundle of documents and title deeds to prove their ownership, if there was a lender involved they would retain the title deeds as security. As this system was risky due to loss and destruction of deeds the Land Registry was created to allow all properties to be registered. 

Since the 1st of December 1990, all of England and Wales became an area of compulsory registration. From that date all property sold, gifted or mortgaged must be registered. The Land Registry now contains more than 24 million property titles providing evidence of ownership which covers more than 83% of the UK leaving 17% of land still unregistered. All registers can be accessed through the Land Registry’s website quickly and cheaply which allows solicitors to issue sale contracts considerably quicker when you decide to sell your property.

As Shropshire was one of the last areas in England and Wales where compulsory registration was required there are still a disproportionately high number of properties within the local area which are still unregistered.

Simply holding the deeds to your property is not necessarily enough to ensure you are the holder of the legal title to your property. Registering your property at the Land Registry will guarantee you full title to your property and fully record your property boundaries.

The Land Registry offer a reduced fee for voluntary first registrations, which varies according to the value of the property to be registered.

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